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    lumbago, and as Dr. Mcrklen remarked, small saline injections

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    products. An antibody or an antiproduct may be introduced

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    four parts of water. If either of the colors predominates

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    in diseases of children, such as colic, pains in the stom-

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    Fig. 9. — After cauterization of the diaphragmatic adhesions a better compres-

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    the medical officer in charge of the medical history of the war of the rebelhon,

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    nervous system, which should be taken into consideration in making a

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    up. The number of plates depends, of course, upon their size.

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    and genitals, temporary relief may be obtained by making numerous mi-

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    care ; I jierf ormed a gastro-enterostomy, and it has been a

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    'which immediate union of 'the whole stump after amputation is rejected.

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    Kegarding the treatment of fat-necrosis, it goes without

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    Causes. — Contusions, or direct injuries; an extension of inflam-

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    dren, disinfect the stools — a measure indicated if it is only

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    cancer is known, we can plan the necessary preliminary colostomy to

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    one. Before Hippocrates, the Egyptian priest-physicians were the

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    The first division may be affected by pituitaiy tumours,

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    ence. Sufficient morphine is given to moderate con-

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    gery on a strictly reliable basis. For my part, I intend

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    dentistry and other mechanico-scientific callings." While

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