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    rangement. A female, aged 30, suffering J more consonant with sound surgery, viz., to
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    number of leukocytes on hyaline casts may be observed in the ordi-
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    In the upper part of the artery, between the occiput and axis, the
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    we suspect lumbago, and order rest, massage, cupping, morphia, and anti-
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    capsule, or they may be compressed and relatively empty, owing to the pressure ex-
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    Passing the finger into the vagina, we find the uterus
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    1 1 October at its semi-annual meeting at the Stratford Ramada Inn. It was established by The
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    by which the disease is known in various parts of the country —
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    *Tentamen Wosologicum, by Whitlock Nicholl, M. D, — \'nle Repositori/^
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    five years ; in 5, six years ; in 4, seven years ; in 3, eight
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    it, should " suggest the employment of archers with regular
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    braccio .sinistio per causa tranmntica. Raccoglltore med.
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    of the optic discs and restriction of the field of vision. He said
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    ways take place away from the displaced side, except
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    Royal Yellow Park, united with aromatics in a vinous menstruum. It is particularly adapted
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    unchanged. A portion of the latter may have been absorbed
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    has since appeared in the Florentine journals ;" — then comes a gratuitous
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    tient cannot raise his thigh. In these cases, the patient usually lies
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    further formation of uric calculus ; that he had little faith in the powers of
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    urine had a low sp(!citic gravity, and contained albu-
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    scopic examination, nor was the possibility of a bulbar or peripheral nerve
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    ovary showed small tubercles on its surface and was enlarged
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    the British Medical Association, called to pass the new
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    far, it linally attacks the ligaments, loosens them ; and
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    from without inwards, and four and a quarter inches
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    chairman of the meeting, to be under petticoat government
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    * ' First. The saturation of the air with water vapor increases
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    cases and those due to pylorospasm, being more amenable to therapy,
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    It looks as if a further enlargement would soon be urgently called
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    kept at the schools. Individual physical examinations are made
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