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    28, 12 M. — No fever. Vomited after overfeeding. Movements natural as long as
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    ment where the flow is diminished or suppressed, but wait until
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    the number — and with regard to the vegetable diet-drinks often
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    be brought under this head, but the practical applica-
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    comfort continue until dinner-time; then, if food can be taken,
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    whole pons appears to have been transformed into a new formation
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    The most common variety of this is Acute HsBmorrhftf^c
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    stimulating them while the nerves are in a state of
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    10 AsHHURST, Observations in Cliuical Surgery. [July
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    system. Windsor was supplied by a series of springs
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    be restricted to such non-hsemorrhagic or mucoid discharges from any por-
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    Acad. Med. Irel., 1894. Lloyd. — Lancet, London, 1901, November
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    higher centers, as in the oesophagus, in which section of the muscle
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    ipulation relieves the condition temporarily, but the pain