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one eye being affected. He suggests that a two per cent solution

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sustain the vigorous action of the heart. Mirscular fibres have been ob

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more severe suppurating forms are due to infection with pus organisms.

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sentative of the subjects who are more likely and tliose who are least

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If these procedures are not completed the student will not be entitled to

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discuss the problem of.focal infections but to call

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rities we find a wide diversity of opinions on this point as the

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means of making a man better fitted to resist these

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when required on particular occasions. By this arrange

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apparently gives considerable rigidity to the cells as nearly

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Some surgeons employ a mandarin tipped with rubber in order to

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of Piqua Ohio were made members of the Association by invitation.

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breast was with difficulty relieved through the diet. Correction of

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were pain nausea dizziness difficulty in swallowing and talking the

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tants. Even the addition of a very small amount of carbolic acid is

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of his retirement from the Chair of Medicine Dr. Stille

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mation resulting in the finding of such an one. Would if

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able or unfavorable to the existence of the organism. Probably numer

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the thirty fourth day. Dr. Bekleinsheff observes that the

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In the three subsequent cases the artery was divided as far as possible

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purulent infiltration is seen to extend along the deeper convolutions.

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to excite the irritative motions of the organ that is when the

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of the body. Its excretion is also uncertain and its presence in the

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at a time when the patient was far too well to induce him

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through the gum. The gums do not show any swelling but in several

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come to the determination of resigning his office as one of the

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