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    day sitting solitary, piously, and pensively musing
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    tal and maxillary sinuses, to the torment of the sheep. It is re-
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    but I am now fully convinced that it is erroneous. The "Cars-
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    viously mentioned, or bands of adhesion, when they impede the
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    and monkeys. Isolated examples of animal infection are found in the
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    in the sputum, in which a large quantity of sputum (twelve to
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    compact plate (peridental lamellae) of the alveolus or the trans-
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    a dark yellow-green. The abdominal viscera were es-
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    instruction in all the leading topics relating to the practice of medi-
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    Briefly stated, the history of preliminary resection of the
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    Chisholm. Australasian Medical Gazette, p. 38, 1893
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    or taken into the stomach. It deposits an insoluble
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    the age, strength and condition of the patient — and repeated
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    rabies is maintained at a level sufficiently high and constant to neutralise
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    onths.'^ As in the present series, large joints, especially the
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    granted that this would be properly done, and knowing
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    Hence we get the explanation of what at first sight
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    University; M.D. 1982, Columbia University College of
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    THE THREE KINDS OF COD-LIVER OIL, comparatively considered, with
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    proper to the size of the cavity or tube in which transverse or longitudinal
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    in such cases. If we take into account the time relationship between
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    BIRMINGHAM, Henry P., ( aptain and Assistant Surgeon. —
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    which the anatomical distribution of the disease shows that it has
    But in all cases, the sex-nature must be kept in an absolutely
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    that not one ease out of live hundred could be operaurd
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    by compression of the newly born foetal head without apparent
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    cythsemia : he holds, that to produce leucocythsemia there must be
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    used to induce it, the treatment will, of course, depend on the circum-
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    by this alkaline antiseptic— Germiletum. A. H. Ohmann Dumesnil, Professor of Dermatology in