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    the authors were working had also isolated a diplococcus from

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    from the embryonic mesoderm between the capsule and

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    our race was he whose worth I would commemorate. A thousand times

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    one on the study of physiology as an inductive science, and another on the

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    membrane lining the mouth and oesophagus was free ftom inflammation;

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    — its base not broad. The tumour was hard, occasionally affected with

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    The nonseptic cases gave a mortality below 4 per cent.

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    on the complaint of his neighbors, but was soon released.

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    As soon as gynecology, a surgical offshoot of obstet-

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    Himmelfahrt," for chorus and full orchestra, was produced

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    that there might be more were the records available.

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    sured around the body of the ventricles, ten and a half inches. On laying

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    or ulceration. Nitrate of silver lotion in the proportion of ten grains to the

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    right eye was directed to the middle point of this line, the image of the

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    sibly due to the use of fruit, though the case reported con-

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    for accommodations. Ko favoritism is being shown, and the

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    implanted ureter was found to be "decidedly smaller than the

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    ago Dr. Sturgis collected the returns from the public

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    of blebs, the lesions being dressed in a bichlorid solution. His

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    wholesome. But there is a fact, so often overlooked by

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    " Knowledcre earned is ever more permanent and available than knowledge

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    cases the animals died within forty-eight hours, from septi-

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    General Infirmary at Hamburg, for the last quarter of 1836. The patient,

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    has taken place. The curative power evinced by silex, in these cases, is

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    Fifty patients can be accommodated and the hospital

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    erally admitted that an appreciable quantity of sugar is pres-

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    To the writer it would appear superfluous to seriously

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    Southern California Practitioner (Los Angeles), March.

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    thorne. — The difiiculties of the recognition of carcinomatous

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    rhinoscopy. Both ears were examined perfunctionally with

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    Charles E. Cotton, Rheumatism. J^^^s Crane, Jr., Tight Lacing.

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    The remuneration for the physicians who cared for the