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    Rush Medical College of Chicago, and his report is as follows:

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    early, and therefore the mothers recovered. This supposition

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    ser. iii., tome X., pp. 141 and 165. — D'Arcy Power, M.B. Oxen., F.R.C.S. Eng., Senior

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    the name of the London Dispensary for curing Diseases ofthe Eye and

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    for this method is best, but if one is not available any ordinary

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    In sudden death, there is hardly any alteration present, either in in-

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    larged to six inches, as more room was needed. Six per-

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    foretell almost to a day the appearance of oedema, by indicating the daily increase

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    sulfacetamide sodium and 2.5 mg. neomycin sulfate (equivalent to 1.75 mg

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    Attention will be asked first to the sthenic type of the disease.

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    a fair result. At this time the patient was supposed to be suffer-

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    as resulting from the administration of the chlorate of potash, and

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    The Connecticut Medical Association has been an honorable

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    to a slow, or a slow to a rapid gait ; while at this time,

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    inherited gout is a factor in the production of epilepsy. That the

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    Lord Chancellor by the Royal College of Physicians of

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    Effects of a Salt Diet in Favouring the Development of Dysentery,

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    are seldom very greatly swollen. Each gland usually attains the size

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    the boss-ridden State of Pennsylvania. The Committee