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    Ehrlich and Lazarus believe it to be due to an artificial retraction.
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    says Jock. “The insurance companies invent rules and then
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    Methinks I see thee now in mental vision looking at me through
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    As I am now about to proceed from these parts to the lower jaw, I think it
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    the less remains that, placing ourselves exclusively on
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    shortness of breath, imply an additional amount of danger. The symp-
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    time, and then the treatment again resorted to. If there is
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    The obstruction is incidental to the small size of the affected tubes; the swell-
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    lation is not always practicable, but patients for their own good as well
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    that in increased pressure there was any regularly present
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    advanced by the investigations of Flechsig ; his results
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    a solution of boric acid (one teaspoonful of boric acid in a glass of
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    Even in these I should be disposed to cover the parts thoroughly
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    Mild Forms. — In the mildest cases the attack may run its course with
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    graduate of Rush Medical College, Chicago, in 1864,
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    tables clearly shows that a more or less pronounced diuresis follows
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    flammatory processes, with the exception of the regular conjunctivitis,
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    proven that the human tubercle bacillus will adapt itself to the animal.
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    disgust for the taste or even the smell of liquor is due
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    The second essay, " The Philosophy of Emphasis," is a supplementary
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    fessional men, the Surgeon-General, in his annual report
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    vledical Society was successful in establishing an exami-
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    crease in the distending force to be resisted. Two mat-
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    take 10 drops of the first dec. dil., three times daily. The
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    During the papular stage the skin has a flea-bitten appearance,
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    doubtful the general application of such a theory; for instance,
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    are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.
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    from offering it to the " General Public " — even with
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    league Mr. Byrne. We diagnosticated perforating appendicitis,
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    annihilate it, forgetting that they must annihilate sensibility at
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    When Diogenes, at noonday with lantern in hand, made his
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    But the order of attack was entirely different in 1889-90. From
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    ercise 11)1011 thecirciilation in man, local and general. Brit.
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    researches) attempt to demonstrate, that without the assistance
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    mosquito on a clean sheet of paper. Turn it over with a pin on its
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    dorsal. The lateral flexion between the ninth and tenth,
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    the fact that it had increased rapidly in adipose tissue
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    southern California show the least cloudiness — namely, two
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    can nearly always be profitably advised. On the other hand,
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    M. D. ; •* Syphilitic Necrosis of the Frontal Bone," by A. H.