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    through which the urine was drawn off. Mr. Callender deter-
    and been overlooked ; or it may have once existed during life, and
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    having passed beyond the controlling power of these inland seas, their inflexions
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    place during the paroxysm, in consequence of the vital powers being over-
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    sition, provided that its influence before death be admitted. If we might venture
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    rated; the residue was mixed with three times its weight of nitric acid.
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    The observations of M. Trousseau were made on infants somewhat more
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    sultation was held upon the case, when it was determined to attempt the
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    is a more difficult problem than many people imagine.
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    my own views concerning the use of this specific, I was not aware that
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    tents have shrunk, and the outline of a membrane has become
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    IV. Report of Cases treated in Wills Hospital. By Isaac Parrish, M. D.,
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    together with other causes already mentioned, must have disposed him, Mr. E.
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    purpuric or hemorrhagic rash that appears in the skin.
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    cholera at Alexandria), another steamer arrived from Alexandria,
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    off fakes are in many cases positively dangerous and
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    products, it has been seen that the insalubrity of a district is thus, for a
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    itself several ponds and low spots of ground exist, and a creek comes up
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    perament ; their nervous irritability diminishes, their pulse becomes
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    "The interest attached to this subject engages us to report two other cases,
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    calomel had been the medicine used. Thinking all these nervous
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    a tumor or lump can be felt in the stomach. The only
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    it is most likely to be confounded is anchylosis of the stapes.
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    and others, that the operation has been found, as hitherto
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    tion. But any one who experiments with this two-edged
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    An interesting case of club-foot was admitted and discharged, a brief re-
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    moses on the surfaces of both lungs. Fluid blood in considerable
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    noticed in the course of other maladies. Thus, in 1858, during
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    head is rather square, but the fontanels do not bulge.
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    with the right nand on the neck as high as possible. No more trac-
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    viz., incases 2, 20, 61, 71, and 74; and in all of these instances
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    fied myself that there was neither entire nor partial implantation of the placenta
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    be prescribed.'^ We find that the " non-officijd^' preparations
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    the thumb is, for instance, at page 93. It is surely an unsatis?
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    "Cold sores" appear in the course of various acute ■
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    in vegetable miasms or in effluvia from marshes, ever subsequently spread
    that the amount of morbific influence imbibed by the system, is not suffi-
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    remain colourless, the alkaline fluid becoming yellow. Hffimatoidin,
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    scare affections. Upon this point we find that alienists and
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    At the time she called her local physician’s atten-
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    3r of Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania, &c. &c. Fifth edition, Revised,