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    Seventh. " Surgery should be as the handmaid of medicine, not supplanting
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    pagation in the system of an animal organism, an organism which
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    brief report of another interesting case. It was a fibroid tumor compli-
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    made the bone bloodless with an Esmarch tube. The marrow
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    empty sheaths — namely, cast skins; Low (1905) considers that this sup-
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    a patient because the family doctor insisted upon my operating on
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    tremely mild in character. " In the epidemic of Deri Gazi Kahn, in which
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    Differential Diagnosis. — The chief difficulty presenting itself is the
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    J^ollowmg Two Injections of Antidiphtherial Serum, Jour. Hyg 1907 vii 61- On
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    exhausted than adductor and flexor nerves. Dr. Semon does not in his paper
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    But what shall we say of preventive syphilisation r By
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    There is one tendency of your profession which meets the unqualified
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    exactly as she suffered. Most of these are poor people
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    recoveries, reports that of eighteen cases where the antisep
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    of cases ; we find it present very frequently in spinal
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    ■id tliL--f p.l-tr pirp.ii.itinn^. Inn li.i\r .1 piMi rn t ,ij.'r nf ^iii ^t■--(■^
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    rado, On Surgery, Dr. Hunter McGuire, of Virginia. On Obstetrics, Dr. Jas.
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    the cords in phonation and in coughing, so that the voice is low pitched
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    years of St. John's College or an equivalent, with stress laid on
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    border, and perforated by two small holes. At the anterior free
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    in forenoon, the first time with relief, but not the second time.
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    pains shooting along the nerves to the loins and down the thigh; but as they
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    Indicated in impaired appetite, feebleness of old age,
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    to attain the anticipated result, in one report an un-
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    their avocation in tending and in nursing the infirm from very early
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    nition does not include any of these forms of astigmatism,
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    nal tension, and when it was punctured stinking pus and
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    under the skin of the animal were unsuccessful, thus
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    Pulsatilla is very suitable when the derangement arises from over-
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    was removed, which was several days after the operation.
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    school, important not alone because of its celebrity at the
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    Finally, the poor will sadly miss him. It has been well said, " that