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    She had been fretful and without sleep from the commencement.

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    2. Add five gms. of agar (dried at 105° C. for 30 minutes) to 500 c.c. of distilled

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    98 days after the date of inoculation. This mule, however, was treated with arsenic

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    possible (Ems, Gleichenberg, Ischl, Reichenhall). Other places may

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    Growth in the Pericardium. By K. HoGARTH Clay, JM.D.

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    to give the patient his freedom. Personally we have always re-

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    frequently in groups of two to a dozen or more — most commonly three or four cells per

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    power, as well as why it should persist afterwards. To illustrate it

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    and represent products which, according to our past experience,

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    Experiment No. 6. — The following experiments were made with

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    to well nourished patients, with a good body weight, or to those who have

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    . 1909&. "The Life Cycle of a Species of Criihidia Parasitic in the Intestinal

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    whenever this signal appears but also at close enough intervals to prevent

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    rheumatic endocarditis the specific treatment with salicylates, which is

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    14 grs. a day, and an alkaline treatment, the basis of which is

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    ficial. Sports (riding, bicycling, boating, fencing, hunting) are too

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    evident that the Wassermann antibody is potent to fix at least

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    added. At the same time, sugar must be prohibited. Under this medica-

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    for three weeks at intervals of one week. Recovery after about six weeks.

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    baths, Priessnitz's bandage, cross-binder, packs, salt-baths) ; we may,

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    of safety that may be expected from the ligature. That it retards

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    advanced civilisation. And popular opinion bears out our views.

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    falls over again. 4.42. — Head drooping; eyes closing; beak

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    In the Adirondacks, for example, nearly all patients who are able to

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    Amongst the many forms of pelvic peritonitis, the traumatic variety

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    mischief; but it does not follow that it was requisite or did good.

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    or exudate serum, the degree of phagocytosis seems to decline,

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    to a functional lesion of the kidneys, which renders them incapable of

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    the pulp of the black cheny called guigne {gean). They contained

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    was unable to watch the case longer ; but as I could not promise

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    the result of certain influences which accelerate or retard the circu-

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    All other snake-poison that I have seen taken from the armed and

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    Casper has recently advocated washing out the pelvis of the kidney