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    had a run of fever, they are filled with mercury, and a fever sore attacks the bone,

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    situated in a most unhealthy locality in Altenburg, and which was

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    function, with notes on their significance in non-surgical cases;

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    of phenolsulphonephthalein, as indicative of contraindication

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    she every year carried on the most bloody war. But as statistics

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    and containing a quantity g! frothy mucus of a bright red colour.

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    caution should be observed so as not to overstretch the vessel by

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    prevented, by various antiseptics. Hence efforts have been made

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    cipal establishments, which employ 3968 workwomen. The value of the mauufac-

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    its edges indistinct,^ irregular, and pufiy, and the infiltration

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    100 of water). The success which has attended the use of iodine

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    attacks the patient would rotate round her own axis with great

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    negative and she did not respond to intensive antisyphiUtic

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    Skilled Acts. — There is an awkwardness on attempting to

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    of the malady, is against the view that isolation in institutions

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    des Hdp., No. 119. Maxillary bone remoTed. Woodcuts of appa-

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    sufifer from loss of appetite, flatulency, abdominal distress,

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    night, have never returned the last six weeks. This patient is still

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    Cases of combined aortic and mitral disease 20.9 *'

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    pits, where the rays of heaven never come — that, when his toils are over, he may

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    » Yeomans, F. C, Chronic Ulcerative Colitis, Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc.,

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    developed and the patient cannot stand physical exertion or Lie

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    been received into the lazaret prior to this woman leaving it, does

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    face itself of the segments of many circles. In the neighbourhood

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