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    form a thin layer of embryonic tissue which gradually develops
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    by small transplacental hemorrhages during gestation.
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    four were operation cases. In one set of three cases, 4 drops were
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    blood corpuscles. Rabbits and guinea-pigs, being first treated to an
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    tics," which was highly cultivated by the ancients, and
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    Pathology. — The kidneys are small, and red in color.
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    thought the following was near the truth : Hie heart, in
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    Joseph, Unna, etc. The prospectus for succeeding num-
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    of the patient." The third indication has hitherto baffled our efforts, and Dr.
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    soon as possible the patient should be put on a fattening diet and a
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    at Midhurst. Sussex, for the erection of which Sir Ernest Cassel
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    Christensen relates in the Ugeskrift for Lager, second series. Band 27
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    indeed, " a feeling against it almost amounting to aversion." Now we think
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    liver oil ; for the tongue is the indicator of the state of the
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    obtain some light upon the obscure etiology of gastric lesions.
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    1. Modern Treatment of B'ractures with Special Reference to Lower
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    found by using a hatchet of ordinary size ; the amount
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    enschrift, September 10, 1899) reports 2 cases of disseminated
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    these five years the man had died in a German hospital, where they say
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    ing of the limbs seem to indicate a myxoedematous condition.
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    rituous meehcation." It should therefore bo our object, in
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    dealing at length with symptoms and their diagnostic importance.
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    obstinate. Patient aet, forty-seven, had four children, all in good
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    medulla oblongata. Conjoined with these phenomena, there was in
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    made with more regularity and facility along the edges
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    propagation of the germ to the young, the first care must be
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    Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to
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    The Blood. The Red Cells and Hemoglobin. These remain un-
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    In my own personal experience I have found this disease extremely rare
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    which frequently begins with rigors. It often rises 3 C. within
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    The condition had in this case only lasted twenty-four hours.
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    Schneifler. Prophylaxie de la fi^ivre typhoide dans
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