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    to doubt its efficacy in the genesis of functional disease.
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    respirations are labored or have ceased employ artificial
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    double vision strabismus etc. electricity can do no good if the
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    They are most numerous on the uterine surface and in the marginal
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    and in any case after the lapse of two hours or less when
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    of amyloid change took place when solution of iodine was
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    Dr. Duncan himself in a somewhat indirect way supports
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    proved to the satisfaction of the Commission that tuber
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    apart from a slight internal strabismus of the left eye there was
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    which compactly filled in the pleural cavity. This co
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    matter of the first necessity for the preservation of
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    abstract in the Gazette des Hopitaux from his recently published work
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    of his cases the jejunum and ileum were affected and not
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    lems faced by the Headquarters Medical Section of the Twelfth Air Force
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    shown in previous investigations the phalanx processes of the
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    of the mouth or stomach. Continuous swallowing on the
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    and other diseases of the Uterus and its appendages.
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    Etiology. .The following are the principal causes of acute nephritis