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    later. Beaujard has mentioned a case of this kind. There was

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    tations where it had occurred the mortality was about one half.

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    of its canal with a hard unyielding state of the vesico vaginal septum.

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    It may be assumed here that labour would be dated from

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    monstrable. The entire transverse colon was greatly

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    months. We have as yet no conclusive explanation for this fact

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    the other hand where tliere is a chance for transmis

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    entirely compatible with health so long as they do not mechan

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    the same if our proceedings are of such a character

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    sidered until there are evidences of foetal or maternal distress.

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    Thirdly sulphuric acid has been always used as an astrin

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    On th February an exhibition of twenty motor ambulances

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    The first effect of the cabbage applied is to encourage

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    hypertrophy of muscular fibres marking the outlines of the aortic conus sim

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    P.S. Retail druggists who manufacture preparations contain

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    fraction of every inch retraction of nerves inside their

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    drachms. These calculi were greyish white soluble in acetic

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    well affected with scores or hundreds of deep seated

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    the various diseases may be satisfactorily explained by the

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    Microscopic particles of living matter that secrete a

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    respiratory apparatus. In disease this sensitiveness is often greatly in

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    studied in a stained condition. The single bacilli do not lie directly