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    Gatewood Gatewood, A.M., M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery.
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    It would be difficult at the ]5resent time sharply to define and limit the
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    J resting^ larvae) In the inesentary of the rabfc^t.
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    exclusively in a whisper. Hysterical mutism quite rarely follows hysterical
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    ease, to which he has given the name of " maniacal-depressive insanity," of
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    however, we go to work very slowly and cautiously, and avoid any sudden
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    &i all of thMe instssaoMf' tii^ de<xn^x?fflf i^
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    sections: University of Dublin, Boyal College of Surgeons, Ireland,
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    be fixed, and is easily distracted, and all associations are much slower. Every-
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    passes the best theoretical and practical examination in the Institntes
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    Pathology and Therapeutics of Internal Diseases, Mental Diseases,
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    pressure on the points of exit of the branches of the trigeminus, and often
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    sclerosis, etc.), and these symptoms may falsely be regarded as "hysterical,"
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    Established 1850. Incorporated by Act of Parliament. In affilia-
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    Sir, — I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of yonr letter, requesting
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    Candidates must have pas&ed a FreUminary examination in Arts ; must be^
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    don reflexes and the pupils. The combination of characteristic pains, ab-
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    recitations and by demonstrations to small classes of clinical, bacteriologic, and patho-
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    neuralgias of the third branch neurectomy is sometimes attended with the
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    ar-n^r .Tves it and upon the regulant. .itn whicr :t is kicked up, ' ^
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    Cholesteatoma, which has a sheen like mother-of-pearl, has also been observed
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    as true chorea. It seems to us far more correct in such cases, which are very
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    past events, however, may be fairly well retained. The fever increases, the
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    ments of the eyes in the region of the angular gyrus, in the occipital lobe,
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    entitling him to an examination, and most at the Bame time deliver to the Dean