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    eral laws of motor reduction. Laryngeal crises may thus

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    disseminated by convection of their cellular elements

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    garded as devices intended to apply electromotive forces to the

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    Complications. Of these broncho pneumonia sometimes resulting in

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    alcall num ad sca blem Helmerich s alkaline tulphu

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    enlargement of the liver but there was no trace of jaundice

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    children between the ages of three and sixteen years

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    unfavorably upon the vitality of the streptococcus.

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    labium secondary eruption excoriations condylomata gonorrhoea

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    epithelial cells as fatty acid and glycerol. The fatty acid is combined

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    herein differing from most animals who when they have

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    into the abdominal cavity speedy collapse ensued and both

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    fifth or seventh day when strong granulations will have formed and

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    occur in spite of the sarcomatous nature of the lesion. As the tumour

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    the duration of the disease considerably in horjes treated in this manner the

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    Histological Findings Glomeruli negative. Considerable necrosis and

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    mal arterial tree will support such a pressure if sys

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    Of other medicines sedatives are useful in the severe attacks. Chloral Js

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    Meprobamate passes the placental barrier. It is present

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    if such existed having arisen from the ribs rather than

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    largest ones are applicable for many purposes in ab

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    Gentlemen you will often see diabetic patients not only not

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    the fact that an amount of atropine sufficient to abolish the effect upon

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    on the page opposite the one where he registers his

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    l lood gave the patient great relief. The next day I

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    p.m. on a bright day he believed it to be stiU night but

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    of the retroperitoneal pelvic and mesenteric lymph glands and

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    Dr. Felton read a paper on Urethral Calculi in Dogs. This interest

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    or its surface may be covered with lymph. As pointed out by