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    right forearm were seen livid spots, some on back of the
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    men until sometime prior to birth, when they descend through an
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    Medical Society of the County of New York ; Resident Member of the Ly-
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    orthopedic, the diagnosis lying between erythema nodosum and neuro-
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    Lastly, when these means fail to removQ all obscurity, or when special
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    When he was sent back to our ward (February 18th), he
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    The gravity of an error of diagnosis, which would subject a patient with
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    believed that the end of the reaction can be more accurately deter-
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    pain, which may be very acute, is best treated by antipyrine, antifebrin,
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    pUfied in their practice, the dietetic management as advocated b^ Unna,
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    "Local bloodletting is well adapted to many cases of scarlet fever — to cases
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    interference with respiration) occurred early in the anesthesia, and the other two
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    In examining the chymous mass in the process of digestion,
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    rendered incapable either of transforming the carbonaceous constituents
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    lion.— Dr. J. P. Hunt has resigned the Windlesham District ;
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    grave symptoms may follow, such as pysemia. A spreading cellulitis may
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    tertiary care inpatient and research facilities. Yet outpatient
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    daily routine of dosing. (5) Greater latitude in diet can
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    part of the chest ; hence, while the air is expelled from the lower portions of
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    The gall bladder was unaffected. The neighbourhood of the
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    This power of the faradaic current to cause, like that of
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    lies, as it will almost necessarily do, near the line of rotation, because of
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    to the base of the tragus and over the mastoid process, the
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    Trr regular Lectures will commence on the first Monday of November. The following are the pro-
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    and with safety detach the tendon from its attachment.
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    Dr. Cloimbers would be compelled to modify his opinion.
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    knew anything about diphtheria knew that a tendency
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    the Diseases of the Chest on Thursday, October 20th.
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    ment in the early stages of the disease, recovery results in
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    several cases of penetrating thoracic wounds in which, after careful
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    1966. DuPree, Richard H., 414 Cooper St., Camden, N. J. (08102)
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    there is no doubt Uiat it may occur later than is often
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    these she seems not to lose consciousness, or if she does
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    completion. Suffice it to say, in the meantime, that they
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    Fig. 3. The superior thyroid vessels are ligated and cut.